The dollar is no longer needed: world leaders abandon the US currency

The US dollar seems to be ending its global hegemony. More and more countries are refusing to use it, and are also developing mechanisms to circumvent US sanctions, and, therefore, payments in dollars.
For the time being, the United States maintains world leadership in the markets, as the dollar is in demand, but the question remains how to keep the dollar in demand. Various options are given, such as maintaining diplomatic contacts, maintaining the availability of the dollar for US trading partners, and avoiding the use of currency as a truncheon for other states. But we see that the United States is doing exactly the opposite, and this is what becomes the main reason for the rejection of the dollar.
Russia, which is perhaps the main target of Washington’s attacks, got rid of almost all US debt securities at the beginning of the year and is developing settlements in national currencies with Turkey, China and other countries.
Constant pressure and threats have bothered even the allies of the United States, in particular Europe. While EU countries are developing a mechanism to circumvent sanctions against Iran, French Finance Minister Bruno Le May said that he would like to have financial instruments that are completely independent of the United States, not wanting to see the EU as a vassal of America.
Of course, the rejection of the main reserve currency is not a quick process, but we see that world leaders have finally moved from words to deeds.
Indeed, in the past there have been many dissatisfied by domination of the dollar, but these were only words. It is quite possible that the Americans themselves are not quite ready for such a turn and do not quite know what steps to take. In addition, they are very passionate about the struggle for the congress, internal political issues, as well as the search for enemies in the outside world.

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